Pilates in Radlett

Pilates was invented by German born Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. He originally devised fitness routines as a POW in WW1 to prevent fellow prisoners from contracting flu. These exercises were then further developed whilst he worked as a nurse, using bed springs to provide resistance!

Pilates is designed to work the core muscles which are concentrated around the low back/pelvis and shoulder blade regions. Their purpose is to support and control the posture which they do by making constant minor adjustments.

Joseph believed that all spinal problems are caused by imbalances in the body and repeated poor movement patterns. By correcting these patterns through precise  movements in combination with posture and breath control, balance is restored and problems resolved. This is a very useful adjunct to ongoing physiotherapy treatment.

Radlett Physiotherapy currently runs 11 Pilates classes per week. There is a maximum of 4 clients per class in our studio. Classes run for between 35-45 minutes and are a mixture of mat work and resistance bands.

Each class is led by a physiotherapist specialised in spinal complaints. Exercises are designed to accommodate individuals with back pain although you do not have to have back problems to join our classes. Pilates is an excellent preventative to back problems.

All non patient clients are requested to come in for a free of charge assessment to take a medical history and ensure they are suitable for a class.

Beginners often benefit from a couple of 1:1 appointments before they start a class.

For information about our class times and cost, please look at the relevant pages on this website.

For any other information or to book a class or assessment,  please call Karen on 01923 857338.

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